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Possibly the best massage I've ever had. Bjorn came to my apartment, which was of course super convenient for me. Maybe I'm holding back on saying the "Best Massage I've Ever Had" only because massages in spas have ambiance, etc that my apartment just can't compete with (no noise from neighbors, etc). Really, though; this was an amazing massage unlike any I've ever had, including stretching that was incredible. He's very strong and friendly and made me feel completely relaxed before, during, and after.

Christopher W. I have booked Bjorn's signature 10 days intensive program. At the beginning I thought 3 hours a day for 10 days in a row is hard to do but time just flies by. Not only did we achieve my primary goal of becoming more flexible, Bjorn managed to cleanse my body and my mind. He treats both your body and soul through massages, awesome resistance stretches paired with some outstanding communication.

The program isn't exactly cheap but I tell you - it's worth every single penny. After 10 days of working with Bjorn you will be surprised by your new 'you'. You will be on your feet, deep cleansed and flexible like never before.

And I tell you: This guy is strong and every minute of the routine we had great fun. I am totally looking forward to working with Bjorn again when I am back in the US.

Cheri T.
I think of myself like as an athlete, but I don't work out other than walking my dog. I have done the stretching class, the one-on-one mashing and the one-on-one meridian stretching with Bjorn. I like the stretching class and one-on-one stretching but the mashing just felt incredible afterwards--as if I have just gotten a thorough massage. The tensions in my body were released and I felt so relaxed. And the yummy tea and wonderful aromas just brings it all together.

Joseph R.
Basically, I started seeing Bjorn back in my better days, before I injured myself a little more than I'd like to remember. I was taking trapeze classes along with some spanish web... seeing a personal trainer 5 days a week... and then along comes Bjorn... who learned that I was into trapeze and offered his training service to me.

Thanks to Bjorn, my splits improved a lot... my flexibility gained some massive ground... and generally I just felt better. Some of the stretches he can put you through really release a lot of emotions that you won't expect (trust me on this... it's fun and odd at the same time). Plus who doesn't like some tall blond named Bjorn strapping you down to a table and stretching your limbs, while you resist? Ok ok... so maybe it's not quite like I made it out, but it got your attention right?

He'll really work with you on your goals... the prices aren't bad at all... and best of all he's a really decent guy... a lot of fun... and has a sweet spirit. He's also coached some really talented swimmers. The mashing he does feels incredible... I honestly can't tell you how many times I sounded like some pervert... moaning and writhing on the floor as he used his feet to work out all the knots from my back... HEAVEN.

Back in those days he was a part of my weekly routine and he really helped me advance in my classes and be able to learn some of the tricks that required a level of flexibility that I just didn't have prior to seeing him. If flexibility is your goal... or even just to relax and de-stress╔ give him a try... I can pretty much guarantee that you won't regret it.

Eric G.
Bjorn has so much to offer anyone who wants to feel better in their body. He has helped me with a nutritional cleanse that was supported by his stretching classes. He is very well trained and can offer support for weekend warriors, seasoned triathlete, or someone looking for more ease in their body. My partner and I took private couples training with Bjorn. Best thing we have done. We can now work on each other when we are feeling tense, tired, and sore. His training style is fun, attentive, and comfortable.

One-on-one sessions with Bjorn has provided me with the self-care I was searching for. Deep, gentle, and effective. The work is long lasting and supports my need for balance; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Bjorn is your answer for repetitive injuries, limited range of motion, and improved sports performance.

David G.
Bjorn Holtan isn't just about massage. He's a Meridian strengthening trainer whose gentle demeanor, and incredible strength,make each session with him highly effective. I've been several times, and after finding out if I have any areas needing to be worked on, he usually starts the stretching session on a comfortable massage table. Think resistance at it's best. Then the mashing begins, with Bjorn using his feet (in clean white socks) to knead away areas of tension. $120 for 90 minutes seems fair, and he's quite easy to make an appointment with. Located above the Castro in a beautiful studio with a view. Note that this is also his home, but it's clean, well lighted, and very comfortable. Classical music is played during the session, which is nice, too. Anything to reduce my stress level is fine by me. This is the place to go.

The Wednesday night stretch class from 7-8 p.m. is really great! Bjorn takes time to help us into each pose as needed, and the smaller class size makes it really worth going. Price-wise, Bjorn is very affordable!

Tudor H.
No one I've come across has as thorough an understand of the human body and physiology as Bjorn! I've received stretching, mashing and massage from Bjorn on separate occasions and been extremely pleased with the results. He knows where my problem areas lie and confronts them head-on, whereas far too many bodyworkers move quickly from spot to spot.

While my physical body might hate him for a few hours afterwards (which is my fault for allowing tension to build up between visits), the delightfully euphoric mental state he places you under will having you coming back for all your tension-relieving and relaxation needs.