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Resistance Stretching Can Help You

Training with Bjørn is located in New York NY, and travels to San Francisco CA several times per year for client visits. Clients in Manhattan and Brooklyn areas of New York can be seen in the convenience of your home or office, or you can schedule a session with Bjørn on a Saturday or Sunday at 244 5th Ave (@West 28th Street), New York, New York.

Training with Bjorn is dedicated to the practice and promotion of Resistance Stretching & Resistance Stretching Massage. Resistance Stretching & Resistance Stretching Massage is a revolutionary new system that is changing the way people approach overall health and well-being. Featured by Good Morning America, SELF, USA Today, VOGUE, and The New York Times, as well as being a secret weapon of professional athletes and Olympians, Resistance Stretching & Resistance Stretching Massage are quickly on its way to becoming a household name.

Recently, Bjørn talked to the Wall Street Journal. In this short WSJ clip, Bjørn gives tips for stretching at work while sitting at your desk.

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1. What is Resistance Stretching?

Resistance Stretching is a new technique that both strengthens and stretches muscles in the body while focusing on core muscles for stability. Muscles start out elongated (long). In order to strengthen a muscle, force/weight/pressure is added to make the muscle work as it contracts (shortens). Resistance Stretching is just the opposite of all of that. The muscle starts out contracted (short), then the force/weight/pressure is added. Overcoming the resistance of the contracting muscle creates a stretched muscle.

2. What is Resistance Stretching Massage?

Resistance Stretching Massage is a new form of a deep tissue massage that breaks up myofascial tissue, which lengthens the muscle. The person getting worked on will be put into different Resistance Stretches to help targeted muscles surface to be treated. The technique is an up and down and side to side motion that is performed on the muscle, as opposed to long strokes that are performed in other types of massage. The person that is getting worked on is in complete control and communicates if the pressure is too much or not enough.

3. What is Resistance Stretching Flush?

Resistance Stretching Flush is done after the Resistance Stretching and Resistance Stretching Massage to flush out the toxins broken up. An oil is applied to the skin and long stokes are preformed on the muscles flushing out the toxins. The Resistance Stretching Flush is an important part to help prevent people getting sick or what I call, 'post body work hangover.' It will help people to feel fresh and energized the next day. The person that is getting worked on is in complete control and communicates if the pressure is too much or not enough.

Benefits of Resistance Stretching & Resistance Stretching Massage

Increase in flexibility, strength & posture will help with

  • Injury prevention
  • Improvements in aerobic fitness
  • Improvements in both agility and athletic performance
  • Re-energizes your muscles with glycogen (faster recovery time in-between workouts)
  • Getting you comfortable in your body to begin a workout routine
  • A great workout for the whole body
  • Can minimize back, neck & shoulder pain

Why Train with Bjørn?

Since 2003, Bjørn has been committed to helping his clients reach their peak performance in life through the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of the system. With a combination of Resistance Stretching & Resistance Stretching Massage, Training with Bjørn aims to help you achieve an overall sense of health and well being. Resistance Stretching & Resistance Stretching Massage will help you understand the great importance the mind and body connection this system will bring.
As an athlete himself, Bjørn has experienced the life-changing effects of Resistance Stretching and has worked with a wide range of individuals including: Olympic hopefuls / professionals, stretching enthusiasts, and people in chronic pain.

Bjørn has worked with members of:

  • San Francisco Ballet
  • San Francisco State University Swim Team
  • Argo Aquatics National Swim Team (PA)
  • San Francisco Triathlon Team
  • Golden Gate Triathlon Team
  • San Francisco Tsunami Masters Swim Team
  • LA Dodgers
  • San Francisco Symphony
  • San Francisco Ballet Orchestra
  • Teatro Zinzanni (San Francisco, CA)
  • San Francisco Opera
  • Madison East High School Swim Team (Madison, Wisconsin)
  • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Men and Women's Swim & Diving Team

Training w/Bjørn's clients are: working people, Yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists, surfers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Homeopathic Psychologists, conductors, professional tennis players, basketball and football players, swimmers, and other professional athletes.

You can take the first step towards getting started your goals by scheduling your next session through Training with Bjorn.